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About to begin a rant. There are lots of online businesses out there right now, many managed by teenagers and tier 3 countrymen.

What does it take to create an online business nowadays? Just a computer, a brain (optionally) and some computer knowledge.

My friend has built a website of this sort. An Amazon affiliate website called ClockSelection selling …clocks. Whether you want a wall clock, mantel clock or a brand/niche clock, this is the right place to find clocks for people looking. The clocks are evaluated by relevance according to what the user searches on a search engine. Then they are redirected to the proper list, and they get to choose which clocks they want to see.

Then they can choose from all of Amazon’s listings, and purchase it. My friend then gets a small 4-8% commission depending on how well the site is doing that month.

Hey reader

Hey reader, welcome to my blog !


I just decided to start blogging. I feel that nowadays it’s very important to learn how to web design, code, and manage websites. It’s the future. It’s not like on TV where huge media corporations control everyhing, on the internet it’s a free-for-all and if you create engaging content anyone on the web can read it.

This is the gold rush of internet marketing, you can definitely become rich nowadays even by being mediocre, but it definitely helps a lot if you know what you’re doing.


Thanks for reading my first journal piece. Hope you enjoy what’s to come!